Nightly PeenieWallie Backup/Archive

I have a scheduled backup/archive of my pw web server every morning at 3:00 a.m.

The backup is copying/archiving the entire pw website as described below:

1) It stops the MySQL database, and then dumps/exports the MySQL database to the following location:


[deleted backups prior to 1/1/2019]

2) It copies the MySQL data files ibdata1, ib_logfile0, ib_logfile1 to the following locations:

copy ib_logfile0 s:\pw\mysql\data\ib_logfile0
copy ib_logfile0 s:\pw\mysql\data\ib_logfile0_%DATEN%
copy ib_logfile1 s:\pw\mysql\data\ib_logfile1
copy ib_logfile1 s:\pw\mysql\data\ib_logfile1_%DATEN%
copy ibdata1 s:\pw\mysql\data\ibdata1
copy ibdata1 s:\pw\mysql\data\ibdata1_%DATEN%

[deleted backups prior to 1/1/2019]

3) It stops the Apache web server, and then runs SyncToy to copy all of the static files in the "D:\Inetpub" folder structure to the "S:\pw\Inetpub" folder structure.

So, these are where my nightly backups/archives are going. Now, I've cleaned them up some by deleting all of the backups that were created before 1/1/2019.

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Drive Mappings

So, as I'm searching my 3 different NAS (Network Addressable Servers), I discovered that my W:\ drive and my Z:\ drive are both mapped to the same servers. The only difference is that the Z:\ drive is mapped a little deeper than the W:\ drive. To wit:

W drive is mapped as: \\WDShareSpace\Public
Z drive is mapped as: \\WDShareSpace\Public\My Pictures

OK. Fair enough.

I'm also starting to notice that, as I search my drives for specific files, I'm finding about 5-6 copies of each file, such as follows:
FOIA.jpg is in the following locations:



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Microsoft Security Essentials

So, Microsoft Security Essentials has identified this file:

Items detected on your PC require further analysis. By sending the files listed below, you can help Microsoft analysts determine whether these items are malicious.


Send selected.


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Christmas Tree Surprise

Whenever Jen and I went into the forests to cut down a Christmas Tree, Santa would always sneak a stuffed animal into the tree, which manifested itself once the tree hit the ground. Here's one from 12/5/2009 that never made it onto Peenie Wallie for whatever reason.


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Garmin Tracks

So, as I'm going through my old photos and organizing them so that I can find them, and they're not spread across 3 different NAS servers, it occurs to me that I need to reorganize my Garmin (*.gpx) tracks as well. Like, any server I uploaded my .gpx tracks to (expecting them to store/display my data in perpetuity), has long since deleted my .gpx tracks. So, it's basically up to me to store and organize my .gpx tracks, as no company can ever be trusted with your data.

My current plan to is move the files onto my s:\ drive, as s:\Garmin\.

So, I searched my W:\ drive for *.gpx.
Now, let's start moving these over to the S:\Garmin location.


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The Cousins in Breckenridge, CO - March 2009

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Tincup Pass: Tincup to St Elmo


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I'm not sure when we lost Wallie (Wally?). One night he just didn't come home. He was a good mom. He's a photo of Wallie from 12/9/2016.


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