My Documents

So, I'm searching my home network, looking for the documents/stories that I wrote while I was on the road for the last 28 years or so.

Right now, it looks like I've found some pretty good documents from when I was working in Idaho and Tennessee back in 2006.

s:\Lacie\old_laptop\My Documents

Then, I was trying to find a place to store them on my local computer. And I'm looking in My Documents, and I see a folder called "My Stories" and I'm like...yeah...that's what I should call it. Only to realize that the folder was already there, and filled with many of my old diatribes from projects long ago.

C:\Users\Rob\Documents\My Stories

Like, it already has "Tennessee Stories" in it, which I like.

So, these seem like the documents I might be interested in:
Tennessee Stories (2006)
The Trees of Misconsin
The Trick to Living in a Motel (2011)
Burning Bridges (3.1)

When I got back from Peru the first time was when I wrote the book Killing Strangers. That was 11 years ago in 2007. Then, my second trip to Peru was 10 years later in 2017/2018.

Now, I see another similar folder. But these documents go WAY back. Back into 1995:

\\WDSHARESPACE\Public\_Terastation\My Documents\_My Stories


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Organizing Documents

I'm trying to organize some of my older documents. Right now, I'm searching for any word documents created in 2006 using Windows Explorer with the following search filter:

*.doc datecreated:‎1/‎1/‎2006-12/31/2006

OK. I gave up on that and just searched my T drive for word documents. I did find one called "Tennessee Stories", which is sort of what I was looking for.

I'm sort of wondering where my "Killing Strangers" documents went. I think I'll just search my whole network for *.doc and see if I can track some of these stories down.


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Consolidating Photos - 2012

So, I searched for photos on the w: drive that have date_taken in 2012. Now, I'll start moving these images over to the s: drive.

__Jen(W:\My Pictures) w:\My Pictures\__Jen
__Jen2(w:\My Pictures) w:\My Pictures\__Jen2
_2012(W:\My Pictures) w:\My Pictures\_2012
_input(W:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012) w:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\_input
_temp(W:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012) w:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\_temp
01(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\01
02(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\02
03(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\03
04(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\04
05(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\05
06(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\06
06_MS(W:\_old_laptop\photos) w:\_old_laptop\photos\06_MS
06_MS(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\06_MS
06_MS(W:\My Pictures\_2012\06) w:\My Pictures\_2012\06\06_MS
06_NXNW(W:\_old_laptop\photos) w:\_old_laptop\photos\06_NXNW
06_NXNW(W:\My Pictures\2012\06) w:\My Pictures\2012\06\06_NXNW
07(W:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012) w:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\07
07(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\07
08(W:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012) w:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\08
08(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\08
08_iPhone(W:\My Pictures\_2013) w:\My Pictures\_2013\08_iPhone
08_MS(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\08_MS
09(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\09
10(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\10
11(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\11
12(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\12
2012(W:\_Terastation\Inetpub\wwwroot) w:\_Terastation\Inetpub\wwwroot\2012
animals(W:\My Pictures) w:\My Pictures\animals
best(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\best
best(W:\My Pictures\_2012\01) w:\My Pictures\_2012\01\best
best(W:\My Pictures\_2012\02) w:\My Pictures\_2012\02\best
best(W:\My Pictures\_2012\03) w:\My Pictures\_2012\03\best
best(W:\My Pictures\_2012\04) w:\My Pictures\_2012\04\best
best(W:\My Pictures\_2012\09) w:\My Pictures\_2012\09\best
Carrie(W:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\07) w:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\07\Carrie
Carrie(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\Carrie
cat(W:\My Pictures\_2012\02) w:\My Pictures\_2012\02\cat
homecoming(W:\My Pictures\_2012\09) w:\My Pictures\_2012\09\homecoming
images2012(W:\_Terastation\Inetpub\wwwroot) w:\_Terastation\Inetpub\wwwroot\images2012
ipad(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\ipad
iphone(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\iphone
iphone(W:\My Pictures\_2012\01) w:\My Pictures\_2012\iphone\01
iphone(W:\My Pictures\_2012\02) w:\My Pictures\_2012\iphone\02
iphone(W:\My Pictures\_2012\04) w:\My Pictures\_2012\iphone\04
iPhone(W:\My Pictures\_2013) w:\My Pictures\_2013\iPhone
iphone_jen_040712(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\iphone_jen_040712
iphone3-7(W:\My Pictures\_2012) w:\My Pictures\_2012\iphone3-7
lauren(W:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\07) w:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\07
NXNW(W:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\06_NXNW) w:\_old_laptop\My Documents\My Pictures\2012\06_NXNW\NXNW
NXNW(W:\_old_laptop\photos\06_NXNW) w:\_old_laptop\photos\06_NXNW\NXNW
NXNW2(W:\_old_laptop\photos\06_NXNW) w:\_old_laptop\photos\06_NXNW\NXNW2
Pismo2012(W:\My Pictures\_2012\05) w:\My Pictures\_2012\05\Pismo2012
SF(W:\My Pictures\_2012\02) w:\My Pictures\_2012\02\SF
softball(W:\My Pictures\_2012\09) w:\My Pictures\_2012\09\softball
temp(W:\old_laptop) w:\old_laptop\temp
W:\ w:\
wwwroot(W:\_Terastation\Inetpub) w:\_Terastation\Inetpub\wwwroot

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2004 BMW X3

Page 90 of Owner's Manual.

Use 5W-30 winter time.
Full synthetic.
6.6 quarts or 6.2 liters

Oil filter Fram extra guard ch8081

17mm wrench to open drain plug.


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Stockton Project

I'm trying to find all of my photos from when I was in Stockton.

I think I was in Stockton on the following dates:
2011\12\6 - 2011\12\13
2011\12\16 - 2011\12\23
2011\12\24 - Mississippi

But it's difficult because my photos aren't organized as well as they should be.
The photos should be at the following location, in theory:

But these folders don't exist. So, instead I have to sort of root around on the other drives to see if I can find the photos from those dates.

Now, I'm searching the W drive for .jpg files where the photo date taken is from 12/6/2011 - 12/23/2011.


W:\My Pictures\_2011\12\December

W:\My Pictures\_2011\2011\12 (these photos are dated 2011/12/23).
W:\My Pictures\_2011\2011\12

not this one: W:\My Pictures\_2011\11\111121-192746_73605.jpg thru

I found my client list at w:\goinglive.

OK. Searching the w:\ drive for for .jpg files where the photo datetaken is from 12/6/2011 - 12/23/2011. [*.jpg datetaken:‎12/‎6/‎2011 .. ‎12/‎23/‎2011]

Here's what I see:

W:\My Pictures\_2012\01\best
W:\My Pictures\_2012\01\iPhone
W:\My Pictures\_2012\02\iphone
W:\My Pictures\_2012\iPad

Most of these were shot with an iPhone 4s. I think 3 of them were taken with a Canon EOS 50D.

OK. Here we go...Canon EOS 20D photos are located at:

W:\My Pictures\_2011\from desktop\2011\620CANON (datetaken is 12/23/2011).
W:\My Pictures\_2011\iPhone
W:\My Pictures\_2011\12\December (some of these pictures are Jen/Hannah in NYC: date taken = 12\16\2011)

OK. Here's some more. Canon EOS 50D. And the file naming looks good on these. These are the best so far that I've found of the Stockton photos.

W:\My Pictures\_2011\2011\111223-125936_76834.jpg (etc).

Yes. Jackpot. This is exactly what I wanted. Now, I look at 2012 photos.

W:\My Pictures\_2012\01\


So, one of the main reasons I did this search is so that I could determine which directories were hiding my photos from this era. Like, normally, I expect to see all of my photos on the S:\ drive under a folder of the current year, like say:

But that folder doesn't exist for whatever reason. So, instead, I'm sort of kicking around on the W drive looking for photos. And, make no mistake, the W:\ drive is a mess. So, maybe once I find what I'm looking for, I'll move it over to the S:\ drive and create S:\_2011.

I'm going to start looking at W:\My Pictures\_2012

W:\My Pictures\_2012\01 So, now that I see my photos from 2012, I see that I was, in fact, in SF on 1/1/2012. Interesting. Looks like I was only there two days. 12/01/01 - 12/01/02.

OK. So, I've got to consolidate these photos or I'll lose my mind. My general approach is going to be to move photos from the W drive to the S drive. So, we'll start like this:

Moving from:
W:\My Pictures\_2011\*.* to S:\_2011 (116,000 items 316 gig). About 1 day remaining.

OK. The move failed, for whatever reason. So, I created a shorcut to it.

So, s:\_2011 has a shortcut to W:\My Pictures\_2011.


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Hyundai Elantra in the Snow

I just drove my new 2013 Hyundai Elantra for the first time in the snow. I was so disappointed to find that it was the worst car I have ever driven in the snow in 35 years. It would not go up any type of hill. At one point I got stuck on the road (not a steep hill but only a slope) and the other cars had to drive around me. I have never had a car with traction control but I would think it would be able to navigate snow covered roads better than even my rear wheel drive car without traction control. But my Elantra did not. I do not have snow tires but I have never had snow tires on any of my cars in 35 years. I would never recommend this car to anyone who lives in an area where it snows and there are hills. After only 2 months of driving the car I am thinking of trading it in for something else. In addition the gas millage on this car is very bad. I have been getting only about 24 to 25 mpg combined driving. I my opinion, this is the worst car I have ever purchased. I would not recommend it.


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