Jennifer's Fall Break

Jennifer only had like...2 weeks off between summer school and fall semester. She called me in a panic one Saturday at noon. I have to be out right away. So I drive the Tahoe up to Boulder with the M101-A1 3/4 ton army trailer. Plates are expired on truck and trailer. But we get everything loaded into the Tahoe and the trailer and move her back down to Morrison, temporarily.

Put the trailer in the garage so her mattress doesn't get rained on.

I'd spent all summer planning what we'd do when she was out. We like to go rafting, but then we didn't get any snow or any rain, so there really wasn't any rafting going on by August, anyway.

Here's what we did, as best as I can recall:
8/4/2018 - Saturday - We did the duck race at Evergreen.
8/4/2018 - Then, we drove down the canyon and ate at Tony RIgatoni's.

8/11/2018 (Saturday).
- Picked up Jen from CU

8/13/2018 (Monday).
- We hit Beau Jo's Pizza and Baskin Robbins in Evergreen.
- Got mani/pedi's at inail & spa 9797 W Colfax Ave #1d, Lakewood, CO
- We went to our asian grocery store down the hill. Pacific Ocean Marketplace at
2200 W Alameda Ave, Denver, Co.
- On the way back, the alternator belt broke on her VW Tiguan, and we caught Uber/Lyft to get home. Had the car towed to be repaired.
- At some point, we hit Yiannis Gyro Place in Lakewood.

8/14/2018 (Tuesday).
We rode horses down at Bear Creek Lake Park.

8/15/2018 (Wednesday).
- We went to the climby thing down near Idaho Springs. Colorado Adventure Center.

8/17/2018 (Friday)
Met up with Sarah and Aunt Molly. Had dinner in Conifer at Los Tres Garcias.

8/18/2018 (Saturday)
We drove to Breckenridge (Me, Jen, Molly, Sarah). We rode 2 gondolas, then hiked some trail up in Breckenridge. BreckConnect Gondola (Free). Then the Colorado SuperChair (Not Free). Then we hiked a little loop. We saw a bear on the way home on North Turkey Creek.

8/19/2018 (Sunday)

8/20/2018 (Monday)
Molly and I walked around Lake Evergreen.

8/21/2018 (Tuesday) Jen and I went to the cajun restaurant in Golden she discovered. Sassafras American Eatery.

8/22/2018 (Wednesday) Jen and I ate at the place we like in Kittredge. Country Road Cafe. Then we hiked Maxwell Falls with Cliffie.

8/24/2018 (Friday) we were back in Boulder.


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Commie Dictators

Karl Marx, Friedrich Engels,Vladimir Lenin, Joseph Stalin, Mao Zedong, Bernie Sanders


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