Catching Up On Photos

Now that I'm back from Peru, and finally trying to catch up on some photos. I'm shooting down at the lake, and my camera/computer situation is just such a nightmare there aren't words.

I think that part of the problem is that I haven't really been posting any photos on PeenieWallie for a couple of years, and because of that, I've sort of lost my way.

That, and the fact that I've broken a LOT of camera equipment over the last couple of years...mostly in Peru...but too much to go into.

So, my problem is that I used to use EXIFrename to rename my photos. But that doesn't work on my macbook air. So, first of all, lets get my photos on the macbook air all renamed to the correct YYMMDDHHMMSS format. Let's do that first. This should get me up to 5/9/2018. Then, I'll deal with the photos I shot yesterday (5/10/18) next.

Renaming Photos on MacBook Air

OK. First, I want to just export everything on the MacBook air to an external Seagate 1TB drive. It says it's empty, and has 1TB free.

In Photos, it says I have 17,864 Photos and 327 Videos. WTF.

Select everything....File Export..Export 18,191 Items. Spinning beachball. Photos = JPEG. Movie Quality = 1080p. But, it wasn't exporting, so I just canceled it. Nice.

Now it just says "Closing the library". Brilliant. OK. But now, I see why this does work. Yeah, in theory, it exports your media to a flat file, but it throws away all of the EXIF data in the process. Thanks for that, Apple. Brilliant.

So, for instance, a video that is exported is now named GOPR2437.m4v. Date Modified = today. Date Created = today. (Hint: It wasn't created today.) Fuck you apple. Seriously. Fuck you.

Now, instead, I hook my Canon EOS 50D up to my Windows laptop. Now, it launches something automatically...Canon EOS 50D...Open device to view files. Shows that there are 1,347 photos in the camera.

So, created two new folders:

Now, I'm copying all of the files over from the camera to the Peru folder. One they get across, I'll rename them using EXIF Rename app.

Start time: 5:15 p.m.
End time: ?

OK. So, it looks like my files all copied over from the camera to the s drive. Now, let's try to do an EXIF Rename on them....

For some reason, I don't appear to have the Exit Renamer utility on this PC. Hmmm.
It looks like I haven't been using that tool for several years. Interesting.

So, I'll install the rhe Mihov EXIF Renamer that Robert told me about back in the day.

Doh! Wait. No, that's not what I was using. I was using IRFanView to rename my photos. Duh!!

And, I still have IRFanView Installed. OK. Now...we're getting somewhere...

Now, I realize that I have photos on multiple cameras and multiple memory cards scattered about the house. I honestly have no idea how many cameras or lenses I have anymore.

But, I'm trying to get all of my photos copied over onto the s:\2018 folder structure and renamed using IRFanView. Rome wasn't built in a day, right?

I picked out my favorite photos of the goslings and zipped them up at this location:



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Our Ride Today

Here's a map that shows roughly where we rode today.


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